This is the page where you can find rules, interpretations, and ways to become a better official.

Officiating Materials

These are materials that you should have with you when you report to a pool to whistle a game.

7 Resets of the Shot Clock
Sample Scoresheet
You should probably make several copies of these back-to-back to give to each table in order to help your game run smoother.

Officiating Checklist (short)
A good checklist to keep handy.

Pregame Checklist
A longer, more comprehensive checklist.


FINA-NCAA-NFHS Rule Differences
This is a great PDF file on the differences between the FINA, NCAA, and NFHS rules. If you officiate under different organizations, you need to printout and read this.

Differences between NFHS and NCAA WP Rules 12-13
This is a list of the differences between the NCAA rules and the NFHS rules for 12-13.

NFHS Rule Changes 2016
For a list of the NFHS rule changes for 15-16.

2013-2017 FINA Rule Changes
This link will take you to a document that has the FINA rule changes for 2013-2017 with interpretation and explanation for each of them.

FINA Rules 2013-17
You can download the 2013-2017 FINA Rule Book here.

2013-17 New Rules POE
The USWP Points of Emphasis (From the USWP website/Jim Cullingham) for the 2013-17 rules can be downloaded here.

NFHS Case Book 12-13
One of the best resources for learning and remembering the rules is the NFHS Case book. You can download it here.

2012 NCAA Training Video
The NCAA puts out a great training video that helps clarify the rules as they are written in the book. It is, of course, focused on NCAA rules, but a lot of it applies to all levels of officiating. It is about 24 minutes long, but well worth the time.

Instructional Clinics

If you need information on the clinics in our area or in another area you can find who to contact here: TBA
For a list of dates and locations of clinics and make-up clinics in our area and in other areas click here: TBA