Returning SCAF WP Referee Instructions


1. You will receive an email in early May, soliciting you for SCAF-WP dues.

2. You will receive an email in early May, containing a link to establish a SCAF Arbiter account. (If necessary)

3. Once you have completed the steps above you will need to establish a RefPay account. Follow this link: REFPAY .
Click on “Sign Up Today”, in red, and follow the steps to establish your RefPay Account. (if necessary)

4. The Inland Area has a MANDATORY General meeting in April/May. Please Attend!

5. Rules Test will be taken in August. You will receive an e-mail prompt in August to complete the NFHS rules test. This test MUST be completed by the date mandated

6. Information on instructional clinics will be disseminated by area presidents.