NEW USAWP Referee Instructions


  1. Go to the following link and complete the Referee Interest Form
  2. Determine which area you are from and contact your local President via email.
    1. Click here for a List of SCAF Area Presidents Contact Information.
    2. This just let him know you are interested.
    3. Don’t wait for a reply, continue to the next step
  3. Goto USWP and join as a referee and complete the background check: USAWP Website
  4. Contact your Zone ODP Head Referee to complete the on-deck observation and training.
  5. You will be prompted to go to the Arbiter website .
    1. Register with Arbiter.
    2. Click here for instructions for  Arbiter Sign-up
  6. You will be prompted to go to the Arbiter News page.
    1. If not follow the link above and complete the “Rookie Tutorial/New Referee” class and test.
  7. Once you have completed the steps above you will need to establish a RefPay account. Follow this link: REFPAY
  8. Submit available form.
    1.  Instructions for Submitting Availability for USAWP
  9. For other information read the USWP pdf file on becoming an official: USAWP Becoming an Official